Variable Data Print



Digital print has many benefits such as fast on demand turnaround and very little setup cost, compared to traditional forms of print. There is a form of print that not many people know about that has been made possible with digital print and that is Variable data print (VDP). What it allows us to do is to change the content let it be text or images from one piece of marketing material to the next. So this could be as simple address on a letter or even image on a leaflet that changes according to audience it is addressed to. You could have thousands different types in one print run. Great for marketing campaigns where you want to maximises your response rate. Get in touch with us to discuss what VDP could do for you.

Get It Right First Time



There is a lot more to print than most people think. There is endless possibilities with different  types of paper, finishing and design choices. That being said there is a lot that can go wrong. It always pays to work with a printer and designer face to face when it comes to your print projects. Many times we see problems or opportunities that our customer misses. When it comes to tight deadlines, there are no second chances. So do your self a favour and think of us when you need something printed right first time.

What is NCR?



NCR stands for None Carbon Required which means there no need for messy carbon paper to duplicate what you have written. NCR is practical and convenient way in keeping records in a cost effective way. When alternatives can be costly and not as flexible in terms of their use. Main use of NCR is in invoices, delivery notes, order forms & bill pads. They can make duplicate of what is written or triplicate in a range of coloured paper. As well they can be made in a lose pad or booklet with perforation and numbering. Give us a call and lets find a solution that fits your business.

Simple But Effective



Long time since we posted but here something we have done recently. When working with limited space it best to keep things simple to help communicate what you are selling. The above A6 flyer is a good example. Clear states what the company does and the quality of their work. Not too sure what to put on your flyer or leaflet? Well leave it to us, we know what will work best.

Designed Prospectus



Here is a piece of work that was designed by us. It shows the best qualities of our customer and communicates all the important information of what they do in a clear and concise way. We used high quality photographs supplied by the customer on the print, which looks great on our digitally print 250gsm gloss stock. A high quality product from design to print.

Presentation Folders



Presentation folders are an excellent way of communicating the values of your business. What it allows you to do is present your documents and paper work in a professional way that is also convenient for your customer and yourself. This perfect for estate agents or any business that is involved high value purchases.

We can provide presentation folders in a number of finishes such as matt, gloss lamination as well as spot UV. There are different types of presentation folders in either interlocking which comes flat and then assembled by hand or pre-assembled glued folders. Ohh and one more thing they come in either capacity or non-capacity. At least to say there is a huge choice when it comes to our presentation folders. So give us a call or drop by to see what we can do for you.

Booklets & Brochures

mini_leaflet copy


What better way to show what you can offer than a high quality brochure. Sometimes a leaflet is not enough. One of the many benefits of this is that you have someones full attention with no distractions compared to say online media. It allows you to take a potential customer and take them on a journey and sell them your product, idea or vision.

At PWD we print brochures in a wide range of materials and finishes. The above example was printed on 300gsm cover with a gloss lamination with 170gsm silk inside pages. We always recommend either using us to design or use an experienced designer for your booklet. Also always make the most of a proof copy before going to final print.

We are more than happy to consult you about your print needs.


Mini Leaflets



Here is a good example of targeted marketing. This was a pocket size leaflet that was drop in bags handed out in a bridal exhibition. The design aspect of the leaflet was carefully thought out with the main goal of promoting the bridal hair services our client provides. The leaflet it self was digitally printed onto 250gsm gloss with a crease on the spine of the leaflet for the perfect finish. Having this digitally printed allowed us to produce a short volume of high quality work at short notice.

Look for opportunities to separate your self from everyone else and what better way than tailoring your marketing to a specific group. At Printing World Digital we understand not only great print & design but an enhanced understanding of how to market your business.

Luxury Business Cards



Introducing our new luxury business cards range. It is twice as thick as our premium business card coming as a super rigid card of 815gsm. This is achieved sandwiching three cards togther and glueing them under pressure. The result is one solid card that is simply hard to forget. You can pick to have a black or red middle strip on the edge of the card or have it all white. All of of luxury business cards are finished with a soft touch lamination.

Drop by and ask to see a sample.

Window Displays



We take on any print related job. The work created for one of our local business is a testament to this. Our client wanted a large print display for their window that showed the services that they provide. We opted for a suspended display system that was made to measure. We match the colours to the customers brand and used high quality images to reflect the spa image the customer wanted to communicate. The actual print it self is tear proof, water and sunlight resistant as well is not prone to warping or stretching, least to say this display is made to last. A great deal of care was taken to make sure the customer was happy and that the display made maximum impact to draw in customers.

If you have large display you need made then get in touch we would love to hear from you.