Design is the heart of our business. It’s the one aspect of print that is over looked the most by people who want to print. Under valuing this aspect of print will led to a poor response, waste of money and material which is not good for the environment and your pocket/ balance sheet.

Printed material is a marketing tool, how effective it is and value it generates for your cause be it sales or awareness. Depends on the design and language used on the print. If you do not represent your self in a professional way then people will not take you seriously and will not give their attention let alone their business.

Any print material needs to be noticed above the competition and hold peoples attention long enough for them to fully engage with the company or individual. At Printing World Digital we provide quality branding and marketing material that will help you get the response you want.

No matter what sector or industry you are in we have the experience in understanding in representing you in the best light. Combine that with vast knowledge of print and production the possibilities are endless in what we can achieve.

We are approachable and not the sort to do design work on just the phone. You can visit us and talk face to face to us about your needs giving you the best customer service available. We find this more productive for both us and our customers saving time sending endless emails back and forth.
We aim to produce an exceptional design that excites you and your audience.

Supplying us design work
If you are supplying us artwork please check our FAQ page to know what are the requirements in supplying artwork for print.

Design cost
Design cost depends on the complexity and volume of work required and so each job can be different when it comes to price. We do have a half an hour rate of £25 for standard artwork (standard meaning none specialist required design work). Before any work is commenced we will always inform you of the design cost first.

A6 Single =£20
A5 single = £25
A4 Single = £35

A6 double =£35
A5 double =£50
A4 double = £70

Take away menus = £80-120+

Logo Design
Logo design cost can be flexible at printing World Digital sometimes you know what you want and only need one design or idea to be visualised by us. This can be as low as £45 for one logo, which we then alter, based on your feedback.

Full Logo design service where we create up to four initial design logos. This is for those who are not sure what logo they want but want the final decision on the logo they will use. Prices start from £120 for the first four proofs and then half an hour rate for any changes after that.