Frequently Asked Questions

What is a print ready document?
Is a file that is suitable for print requiring little to no changes by us. To be print ready document it should be a pdf document in CMYK with crop marks and bleeds. Additionally it should set to the correct size and have a resolution no lower than 300dpi. We can accept file with lower resolution and in RGB colour space but it will lead to unexpected results in colour and reduced quality in print. We recommend any artwork not created by us to be proof printed before final print.

What is a bleed?
A bleed is print that extends beyond the cutline of the print. Why do we require print on the paper that is going to be thrown away you may ask. Well even the most accurate printers and cutters vary in accuracy. So the actual cut may be inside or outside that intended cutline. Without a bleed you will end up with white stripes on the side of the paper or board. Bleeds give us the margins to guarantee perfect finish for your print. This also applies to setting margins inside the print for elements (such as text or pictures) away from the cutline.

Why does it cost more to get my prints sooner?
Most standard jobs we run regularly that are not bespoke are keep at a low competitive price by us running multiple print jobs together in one pass through print marchine. With this we spread the setup cost and time plus material over those jobs. When a customer requires print urgently we cannot wait until we have enough jobs to fill all the print space available. Less jobs run together the more costly it gets for each print job. So we charge more to cover those costs.

What are your working days?
Even though our main shop is open 6 days a week we only consider Monday-Friday working days as most of our suppliers & factories work those days. So if we take on a job and say it will take 5 working days and the order was made thursday you would get the job wednesday not tuesday. Always inform us on any time constraints you have when making an order.

What is the turn around on print?
We can turn around digital print same day at no extra change depending on stock. As for our litho prints our standard turnaround is 5 working days and all prices quoted on litho by us is based on this. If you require your print sooner we have our express, super express and next day service. What ever service you choose apart from standard effects the price. Express 3 day turnaround, Super Express turnaround 2 day, Next day turnaround 1 day.

What is your cut off point for print?
Our cut off point for litho print is 4pm any order after that is considered to go out the following day. There are exceptions where we can meet your deadline after this point but please ask us. As for digital same day service we need the order 2 hours before we close that day of order. Please have a look at our closing times on out contact page.

How do I send artwork to Printing World Digital?
Artwork can be sent to out email which is info@printingworlddigital.co.uk. If the file is bigger than 10mb then transfer using these sites https://www.wetransfer.com/ or http://www.mailbigfile.com/. Make sure to add a subject so we can identify you file easy on our end.

How long those it take to get design done?
This is a difficult question it similar to saying how long is a piece of string. Design is a creative process and so the more constraints you place around it the less you get out of it. We do endeavor to provide design work in a timely fashion to meet customer deadlines. We treat each customer differently depending on their constraints and intending goals. Standard artwork can take 24-48hrs for initial first design.

Supplying artwork for large format print?
For large format print it is recommended to provide files in 150dpi with artwork completely flattened or text outlined. This will lead to a smaller manageable files and reduced chances of unexpected changes in final print.