Economy Business Cards 350gsm

350gsm Silk Gloss Laminated
350gsm Uncoated Appointment Card
350gsm Silk Discount Card
300gsm Craft Loyalty Card
350gsm Pearl Card
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350gsm Silk Gloss Laminated
350gsm Uncoated Appointment Card
350gsm Silk Discount Card
300gsm Craft Loyalty Card
350gsm Pearl Card
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The most affordable and versatile business cards out there  

Quality does not need to come at the expense of convenience with a 350gsm business card. Choose from a variety of paper types available with the fastest turnaround times one of the few same day business cards in our range. Print single-sided to double-sided in full colour with choices of finishes.


  • Size 85 x 55mm or custom size
  • For writable cards choose an uncoated card, craft paper or recycled paper for such applications as an appointment card & stamp cards
  •  Pantone colours – When you need your cards to match your brand’s colour 100% then lithographic printing gives maximum control and consistency in delivering this.
  • Great for multi-name business cards in terms of affordability


Business cards make a great means of introduction so don’t miss out when the opportunity arises. Outside of networking use these as part of your marketing strategy as cards have many uses like jewellery backing cards, as thank you notes, save-the-date cards or take-aways at the till.

You can put any information on the cards such as contact details, promotions, branding or even QR codes that can direct people to your website or even save all your details in two quick steps. Not only can these be used to display the information you can record and write down things like quotations or use them as a loyalty card for stamps.

If you need inspiration check out Visme Business card inspirations you will different styles and uses for business cards. If you need help creating artwork or need guidance in supplying a print-ready file then feel free to contact us.

  • 350gsm Silk
  • 350gsm Uncoated
  • 300gsm Craft paper
  • 350gsm Conqueror
  • 350gsm 100% recycled
  • 350gsm Pearl
  • Standard next day delivery on most stocks
  • Same day delivery on orders before 11 am on the day
  • Personal cards for business owner and directors as well as team members
  • Visting cards for hospitality such as hotel, restaurants, outdoor events
  • eCommerce discount code card. Place in every delivery to encourage loyalty and future orders
  • Stamp card such as cafe or restaurant to reward revisits
  • Appointment card perfect for a dentist, beauticians, personal trainers
  • Mini advertisement flyers for an events company or club
  • Lamination gloss, matt & velvet
  • Crease and fold
  • Perforation for tearing stubs such as admission ticket
  • Gold or Silver fold foil

For the competitive price for extra finishes consider our unique business cards if time is not a major factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business cards are a physical representation of you and your business. It is a key first impression and memento to give after a meeting or brief encounter.

There are many uses for business cards such as appointment cards, referral cards, discount cards and packaging inserts.

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter. 350gsm board depending on the stock of paper can be roughly 0.5 millimetres thick. Almost 3.5 times thicker than your standard a4 office paper.

Most business cards come in the size of 85mm x 55mm similar to credit card size.
Other optional sizes depending on the type of business card are:

  • 55mm x 55mm
  • 85mm x 25mm
  • Folded business card 170mm x 55mm

Custom sizes can be requested depending on the product.

Lamination is a plastic film applied on top of the print. This can be used to give the card a different look and feel, not only that but adds durability so your card looks the same after coming out of someone's pocket.

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