Booklets & Brochures

If you have a large amount of content you want to present in a hard copy format then booklets are the perfect product for this. Let it be a catalog business, report, or event booklet. We provide a range of finishes that will match your budget and make the right impression.

Booklets & Brochures stapled
Stapled Brochures

Also known in the industry as saddle stitched binding. This is the most cost-effective way of getting many pages bound together. Can hold up to 64 pages.

Booklets & Brochures wiro bound
Wire Bound Brochures

These are great for low volume prints such as manuals, business reports, or academic studies. An additional benefit is you can have a lot more pages in your booklet than compared to stappled.

Booklets & Brochures perfect bound
Perfect Bound Books

Exactly like the binding method you see in magazines. The pages are glued together and have a wrap-around cover that presents a professional look. These can hold up to 240 pages.

Booklets & Brochures hardback book
Hardback Books

Hardbacks booklets are suitable when you need the highest page capacity that is intended to be kept a long time and stand the test of time. Can hold up to 400 pages.

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