Unique Business Cards

When standard won’t do. These bespoke business cards are made to make a statement highly recommended when you are selling high-value goods or services. You will find business cards with special finishes such as Spot UV and a super thick triple layered card.

Rounded corner business cards
Rounded Cornered Business Cards

450gsm business cards with rounded corners. A small change can make a big difference in making these cards stand out from the rest.

Mini business cards
Mini Business Cards

Standard size business cards can be too big and inconvenient for people to carry. So these small business cards not only look different but are easier to pocket and carry around.

Folded Business Cards
Folded Business Cards

Folded business cards are perfect for entrepreneurs that run multiple businesses and need enough space to communicate that. It also can be used to show different products and services.

Spot UV Business Cards

Add a bit of class to your business card by using Spot UV. This can be used to highlight and enhance print elements on your card by adding a high gloss creating a contrast with the matt finish of the card.

3D Spot UV Business Cards

3D spot UV can create a tactile experience for anyone that holds it. By having raised shiny surface can help enhance a business card look and feel in so many creative ways.

Metallic Foiled Business Cards
Metallic Foiled Business Cards

Create true gold & silver effects. This printing method adds a premium look to any business card and sends a message about how serious you are when it comes to your business.

Triple Layer Business Cards
Triple Layer Business Cards

A premium card that is memorable and hard to forget. Triple layered business cards also know a triplex business cards are the thickest cards you can create with a thickness of 810gsm.


Printing Business Cards

We have a wide range of business cards to fit pretty much any one's needs. Regardless of what type of business card you choose all of our cards have a professional feel to them. If you are looking for a classic affordable business card that can have a fast turnaround then standard cards are more than up to the job. The unique cards are made to make a statement and the none paper cards add extra functionality and durability.

Most business cards come in the size of 85mm x 55mm similar to credit card size.
Other optional sizes depending on the type of business card are:

  • 55mm x 55mm
  • 85mm x 25mm
  • Folded business card 170mm x 55mm

Custom sizes can be requested depending on the product.

Lamination is a plastic film applied on top of the print. This can be used to give the card a different look and feel, not only that but adds durability so your card looks the same after coming out of someone's pocket.

The simple answer yes. The longer answer is that we have a range of paper suppliers so if you want to get creative and create a business card on the textured card then give us a call and we can show you the different paper options available.

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