None-Paper Business Cards

Looking for business cards that are not paper? Magnetic business cards, plastic cards or even metal you will find it here. None-paper business cards are guaranteed to last long perfect for maintaining your brand image.

Magnetic Business Cards

Fed up of your business cards being thrown away? Then use our magnetic cards that keep your brand sticking 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

Plastic Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards

Want a premium, durable card that makes you stand out? then don't look any further. Made of plastic and can be printed full colour.

Plastic Customer Data Cards

Like our plastic business cards but can be used with your epos or data reader systems such as hotel room key access. Cards with magnetic strip, barcode or RFID chip.

Plastic Metallic Cards
Plastic Metallic Cards

Plastic business cards but with a bit of shine with our gold and silver options.

Transparent Business Cards
Transparent Business Cards

For those who want a more clinical card design then transparent or frosted plastic cards will do the job. These look classy with simple clean artwork.

Metal Business Cards

Metal is a ultra premium material that sends a strong statement about your business. Solid and will last the test of time.


Printing Business Cards

We have a wide range of business cards to fit pretty much any one's needs. Regardless of what type of business card you choose all of our cards have a professional feel to them. If you are looking for a classic affordable business card that can have a fast turnaround then standard cards are more than up to the job. The unique cards are made to make a statement and the none paper cards add extra functionality and durability.

Most business cards come in the size of 85mm x 55mm similar to credit card size.
Other optional sizes depending on the type of business card are:

  • 55mm x 55mm
  • 85mm x 25mm
  • Folded business card 170mm x 55mm

Custom sizes can be requested depending on the product.

Lamination is a plastic film applied on top of the print. This can be used to give the card a different look and feel, not only that but adds durability so your card looks the same after coming out of someone's pocket.

The simple answer yes. The longer answer is that we have a range of paper suppliers so if you want to get creative and create a business card on the textured card then give us a call and we can show you the different paper options available.

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